About HFI

Holy Family Institute (HFI) is a year round, private homeschool satellite program (PSP) for families where parents have chosen to provide an independent, home-based education for their children in grades K—12. Holy Family Institute is Catholic-based and offers administrative services, guidance and social support to parents who choose to educate their children in accordance with the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church.  HFI also welcomes families belonging to like-minded, Catholic-friendly religions.

Holy Family Institute specializes in serving families who want to choose the curricula which best suits their students.  We recognize that every student, even in the same family, learns very differently and their learning style often changes over the years.  We begin with our curriculum recommendations and then encourage parents to adapt each student’s curriculum to fit their learning style.  Thus, we provide individual curriculum counseling when registered with HFI, especially to those who are new to homeschooling.

Here at HFI, we do not provide a specific curriculum, nor do we provide individual class instruction.  For this reason, Holy Family Institute is not an accredited school.  We do, however, provide information as to class instruction options and homeschool resources outside of this group.

In addition to this, Holy Family Institute also provides a full range of services including: the filing of school records, field trips, school pictures, park days, monthly Parent’s Night Out meetings, and much more.


Parents have a most grave duty and enjoy the primary right of educating to the very best of their 

ability, their children physically, socially, and culturally and morally and religiously as well.”

Code of Canon Law of 1983, Canon 1136